The hostel currently has accommodation capacity of 45 beds, or 10 accommodation units.

In the hostel-type accommodation, you have available 8-, 6-, and dormitories, with separate, shared bathrooms for women and men, with an option for the rooms to be gender-divided, depending on your wishes and needs. In all rooms, as well as the entire hostel, the guests have available free Internet access, secured privacy and safety of all guests and their personal belongings.

We offer the hotel-type accommodation in the forms of 2-, 3-, and 4-bed rooms with private bathrooms attached, TV, and cabinets for personal belongings. The rooms have the most modern locking system, and they also contain a desk and free Internet access, making them suitable for business people, but also families and guests who are coming in groups that would like to stay in the apartment-type rooms.

We offer to our guests a high level of privacy, room and air hygiene, clean sheets and towels.